Wake up excited every single day of your life

Jump Out of BedThis post is no. 2 in 7-post how to make an impact series.  

It is not about jumping out of bed roaring like a tiger; it is more about waking up with a sense of calm and gentle joy in your heart as you wake up – ready to embrace the day ahead.

Here is how to do it?

  1. Create a morning ritual. Have something to do everyday as soon as you wake up. For some it can be writing, reading or meditating. If you are too sleepy in the morning then choose something action-oriented like  heading out for a morning walk or run.
  2. Work on your fitness. When you are fit and  energetic  then it is natural to be excited about the day ahead. It is really hard to feel the same if you are sick.
  3. Sleep early. This will help you sleep enough (7-9 hours) to help your body and brain recuperate. There are hacks like polyphasic sleep that can be used when you want to sleep less and work more but I see that more as a short-term tactic. Here I am sharing about a long-term plan which is easy to follow over a longer time period.
  4. Watch the clock after your last meal of the day. It makes sense to keep 2-3 hours between dinner and bedtime. This will help you sleep better and wake up light next morning.
  5. Big goals are must. Identify some BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), aligned with your life’s purpose. When you have something big to work for then it is natural to be excited. Nobody gets excited to reply to 20 emails in a day, not anybody I know. Find some really big challenges to work on.
  6. Work on meaningful projects. Are you happy about the work you are doing or you are just doing because it helps you make some money. No denying about the importance of money in life but think about meaning first and money later. If you are not in a situation to make the switch today then at least start thinking about it with an intent of working on projects that you love.
  7. Get an early start. When you get up late you get behind and chances are that you will get stressed more than being excited. It may not work for those who work from home and for some reason work late at night it may not work; for almost anyone else it helps to get up early.
  8. Chalk out a plan to work on next day before you get to bed. Call this your to-do list for the next day. Do not do this planning while in bed but in a place where you normally are just before getting into bed. For most of city dwellers this space will be a couch. Place a small notepad next to the couch and when you have finished watching TV or working on your laptop just scribble your plan for the next day on this notepad (or in a folder on your laptop if you are working on it, do not open your laptop just to record the plan.)
  9. Work with people and in a workplace that helps you be at ease. For some people life begins after they get out of the office and they continue to breathe comfortably till they enter office. This may be because of a stressful workplace, an irritating  boss or a co-worker. First check if the problem is with you – if that is not the case – then it makes sense to make a switch to working with people, in a place and in an  industry  that you enjoy.
  10. Do not leave tasks  unattended  when you end your day. If you do this on regular basis, you will find yourself distracted as it  will take your focus away from important work to pending (some of them mundane) tasks. But don’t be too harsh on yourself and learn to take life easy. For some reason if you left something unattended then let it be. You can always handle it when you reach your work desk, no need to get worked up thinking about it through the night.

Do you think it will make a difference if you get up relaxed and ready to embrace the day ahead? Are you already doing it?

When do you plan to begin with ideas shared here?

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