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How do you see your new life shaping?

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Most of us are conditioned to look at life as something built around work.

What if you built your life around fun? Not looking at life as something where you got up, entered work day, finished work, came back home to have food, sleep and take care of some responsibilities.

What if you looked at life as a non-stop festival filled with joy, love and fulfilment; with some intermittent planned bursts of action. Not thinking of bursts of action as something where you push yourself to get the maximum work done but where you are naturally productive because you are 100% relaxed and motivated to produce world class work.

This idea is not something that should live inside this blog post but something that you should try. See how it works for you. Would you not be happy with a life time of fun?

How to make this transition?

  1. Commit to build your life around fun and your passions. (Tip: First try before deciding whether it is for you.)
  2. Look at the time between — the end of your work day and the start of next work day — as special time where you relax, rejuvenate and be 100% with self, people and ideas that matter for you.
  3. Apply 4×4 to work that earns your bread and butter.

Get started with these non-work ideas to spend your evenings

  • Exercise
  • Learn to play music or something that you wanted to do forever
  • Play with friends, kids or family members (depending on what stage of life you are in)
  • Hang out with your partner
  • Indulge: Cook, eat, watch your favourite concert  or a movie, listen to music

A model evening

  • Get back
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Eat something light
  • Lie down for 15 minutes
  • Get into your exercise gear and indulge in some intense physical activity for 30-60 minutes
  • Learn something new which you always wanted
  • Enjoy a leisurely dinner (make an effort to eat slowly and savour the food)
  • Indulge in some passive activity – listen to soothing music, watch a movie or take a leisurely stroll.
  • Create a sleep ritual if you do not have one — like taking a head and feet massage, meditation or small dose of reflection on the day.

Mornings are better kept simple

It is better not to do too much planning. Better if you work on nourishing your body and brain. Eat a relaxed breakfast and read or listen to an audio-book.

Just keep in mind

During a holiday it is easy to go overboard. Take this mini-holiday everyday but also understand that having fun  does not call for going out of balance. It helps if you keep a fixed sleep and wake up time; and also some defined time for dinner and breakfast with rest of the activities  built  around these.

Try this and come back to share your ideas.

How can we make it better?

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