WIN OVER THE WEEKEND: Use Your Weekends to Get Closer to Your Dreams

To win big you pay the price.

You pay for success with time and effort.

What if you don’t have any time left after work?

You find time over the weekend.

And, use that time to win.

If you plan well it is possible to achieve a lot with what you do on weekends.

Figure out what you want to do, your big goals.

And, the time and effort you’ll need to make to achieve that big goal.

Then break the time and effort into small parts.

Break your effort across 1-2 hours chunks over each weekend.

But first, spend 4-8 hours spread over 4 weekends to plan.

And then spend 2-3 hours each weekend to act on your plan.

In a year’s time, you would have spent 100-150 hours towards your chosen goal and moved your forward on the growth path.

So, next time if you talk about lack of time as a reason for not taking action on your dreams, think twice 🙂

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