Compete With Yourself

I was an ambitious kid.

I had started thinking about my future during early teens.

But I did not get much guidance.

So I did what someone in my situation would do. 

I read books and looked outside for inspiration.

After I finished school I became focused, a little too much, on who I considered my competition. 

This was not good for my focus and productivity.

And, for a while I lost my way.

I pulled myself back again, through some wise words I read.

I started focusing on myself.

It helped but it took years to change ‘focus on myself’ to ‘compete with myself’.

It is good to look at competition for inspiration and calibration. 

Once we have done it and chose a point where we want to go, we need to act.

When this action is combined with review we grow fast.

What do we review our actions?

Review today’s actions against what you did yesterday. If you ensure that you improved over what you did yesterday, you’ll grow.

This makes sure that you are constantly focused on growth, without the ill effects on looking outside all the time.

My best wishes as you act and compete with yourself to grow without losing focus.

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