How To Use A Book To Make Serious Money

First of all my advice is for people writing business books or books related to expertise.

Most people want to write a book for three reasons.

Expression, reputation, and money.

The expression part is easy and you get to do it while writing a book.

Reputation is tricky because you need to write a good book and then get it in the hands of people. I’ll keep that discussion for another day.

Money is another important reason why people write books.

If you just want to make money by selling a ton of copies that you may be in for a shock. That’s the worst way of making money from a book.

But there are other better ways to make money from books, a ton of it.

And, if money is your reason to write a book then do it right while working on it.

For example, if you run a software development firm then write the book as a training tool for your potential clients. And, do it in a way that it teaches them;

  • What to look for in a good software development agency
  • What does it cost to work with a business like yours you don’t need to be direct about it but share scenarios and examples
  • What questions to ask them
  • How to be a good client. This is super important because it sets expectations and will attract the right customers for your business.

Once you write a book like that and get it in the right hands, it can grow beyond your wild dreams.

How would you like that?


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