6 Unpopular Opinions Worth Paying Attention To


Don’t pack your days with work and engagements. Every day has 1-2 hours when you are not working to explore, follow your curiosities, and pounce on unseen opportunities as they come your way. Take more extended vacations than usual, 2-3 times a day.


If your goal is earning $100,000 (or an equivalent) in local currency, a job is a better option than entrepreneurship for most people. Less stress and you get to keep all of it, whereas when earning that money as an entrepreneur, you also pay for the costs of making what you sell.


Optimize for effectiveness first. Worry about being efficient later. There is nothing to gain from making an ineffective system efficient.


Work warm-up rituals are overrated. Getting up and working on what matters for 2-4 hours can change a person’s life.


Remote work is valuable but overrated. There is value in working alongside people. You build connections, make friends and get shit done. Real-life connections can start on the internet, but that’s not where they take shape. And connections matter for happiness and growth.


Most businesses don’t need superstar employees. Instead, they need fool-proof systems and processes that anyone with decent skills and intelligence can use to complete a task or a series of tasks.

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