Stop Doing These 7 Things

Here are 7 things that keep us from living our life’s mission.

It is best in your interest to stop doing them.

1/ Extended screen time in the name of entertainment and relaxation. 

This is a big no. For most people, their time on screen is their creative time too. So use it to move forward instead of making media companies richer.

2/ Inability to break big things into small tasks. 

We all want to achieve big things. But big things are done by breaking them down into projects and projects into tasks.

3/ Inability to focus for extended periods.

Important projects take time. You won’t get anything worthwhile done if you can’t give them your time and attention. Meditate, use tools (Pomodoro Timer), and control your attention to get stuff done.

4/ No frameworks to follow.

Most of what you want to do, others have already done. Use their framework or their path to make your journey more straightforward and efficient.

5/ Poor sleep hygiene.

If you can’t sleep and wake up on time, you won’t have the creative energy essential to accomplish your goals.

6/ Lack of learning.

Learning will make it easy for you to do anything you want to. So seek mentors, read books, take courses and take notes. Appl;y everything you learn. By doing this, you’ll go much further and sooner.

7/ Too much food.

You can’t work or think on a stuffed stomach. Eat quality food to nourish yourself but not to the point where you are useless for the next several hours.

Hope you’ll stay clear of these and keep moving forward.

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