What We Need to Unlearn to Sail Through Current Times

The current situation is making us stay at home all the time.

And for those of us who have not done it in the past, it will take both unlearning and learning.

Unlearning of the old ways and learning new things to cope with the change.

As per Futurist Peter Hutton means “new ways to think in the face of established practices.”

So to make sure unlearning serves you well identify the established practices that won’t serve you in the new order.

Some things to look at:

Old eating habits. What you ate, when you were moving around a lot may be more than your body needs when sitting at home, all the time. So, you may need to unlearn how much food and how often your body needs it.

Old beliefs. The surroundings and environment you thought were essential for you to be productive. Only when you get rid of the old belief will you create space for new beliefs. For example, the belief that meetings need to be formal. If you have kids at home then that 

Old ways and quantity of information consumption. Till a fortnight it may have been ok to spend an hour scrolling through your newsfeed or social media but in current times it may make you confused and overwhelmed. So, you may have to unlearn the old habit of spending hours in your social feed.

Old acceptable social behavior and personal hygiene approach. This is the biggest. Staying away and not welcoming people who are close to you, in your homes may be disrespectful during ordinary times but not so much during unprecedented times that we are experiencing now. We stay away because we care for ourselves and for others.

Look around and identify what you need to unlearn, and the old behaviors you nee

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