Build the Foundation Now for Making $100K or INR 50 Lakhs in a Year

To reach any kind of revenue numbers you need customers.

To get customers you need leads.

Let’s do the lead/ customer math that will help you reach $100,000 or higher in annual revenue.

To reach $100,000 in a year, you need to make $8333 every month.

To round it off, let’ say you’ll make $108,000 in a year by making $9k/month.

So, $108,000 = $9000 x 12

Now, you can either get 12 projects for $9000 each on average.

Or get 3 projects @ $3000 each for 12 months, or a total 36 projects in a year @ $3000.

Now, most of you may not be staring from scratch, and maybe you are already doing 30-40% of the $100,000 then it becomes even easier.

Now, calculate how many leads you need to get 3 new clients in a month, let’s say you need 12-15 leads. Now you just need to plan your lead gen keeping in mind these numbers.

There are two ways to get leads – inbound and outbound.

Through inbound, you take action so that leads (people) will be attracted to what you sell.

With outbound, you reach out to people manually or through running ads to generate demand for what you sell.

We are living through times where demand gen either will be ineffective or not in good taste.

Then what are the alternatives?

Focus 100% on inbound, and all that you always wanted to but could not because you were riding the professional rollercoaster.

Build an audience by creating content.

This helps you build connections and authority.

Why now?

Because now you can be done with the content for the entire year.

Because with less interruption creating content is simpler than in earlier times.

Of course, you’ll need to focus more and do more.

You can launch your podcast, write a book or launch a YouTube channel.

YouTube is powerful because if you build a funnel around it you can win big.

Also, pick one social channel in these times, and master that.

Working on inbound does not mean you can’t get ready for outbound.

Prepare your landing pages, launch emails, ad copy, webinar slides, all that you need for outbound now.

Then launch an assault as soon as you can.

Face-to-face video calls should be part of both funnels.

And, to make your journey easy, focus on retainer clients then instead of 36, you’ll just need 9 clients paying you $1000/month to go to a $100,000 annual run rate or even better get 3 clients paying you $3000/month.

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