Do You Know That Travelling Can Make You Productive?

It is great to be able to get up in your bed and go about your daily routine the way you do every day.

It is comforting.

It is also seemingly comforting and enjoyable to watch reruns of your favorite show. But this comfort and routine make you procrastinate.

You know what can get us out of this comfort and really get some stuff done.

It is travel. When you travel you need to be able to finish certain tasks before you head out of the door. So you become focused and single-minded, thanks for some pressure that comes from needing to do a lot of stuff in less time.

Want to become even more productive? Don’t take your laptop with you. Leaving your mobile phone behind may be extreme but that can work wonders.

Earlier this week I was on a deadline. It was sort of a self-imposed deadline. 

This year I am publishing a blog post a day and I was going to be in the midst of celebrations for a few days. So I had to pre-write and schedule those blog posts. 

There are days when it can take hours to write a blog post. Because I had to go I was able to finish and schedule three blog posts in a little more than an hour.  They were not the greatest pieces I wrote but weren’t shit either.

So, the message here is that don’t give yourself an excuse to not relax or not travel because you have too much to do. Instead plan travel and leisure. This will force you to do more in less time, delegate what can be delegated and find ways to leverage tools and people to help you out.

So when are you taking a trip?

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