Partner For The Growth Of Your Business

I have mentioned about pair programming earlier on this blog, in the context of getting things done.

It also works if you are trying to grow a business.

A parallel to pair programming in the context of business is working with a co-founder or with a mentor.

Good co-founders are like husband and wife for the business. They are close to each other day in a day out. If you are a solo founder then it is wise to have a mentor by your side.

For mentorship to work, it’s got to be consistent. Have regular check-ins to see how you are faring and meeting the accountability standards and taking action as suggested by the mentor.

A good partner in your growth whether a co-founder or a mentor can help you achieve 10x or even bigger growth.

Are you a solo player or have someone to help you?

How being a solo player or having help has impacted your business?

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