Training vs Doing

Amateurs do and professionals train.

Both spend the same time but returns vary a lot.

Because professionals train with a deliberate focus on improving specific parts, whereas amateurs just spend time and feel happy because they are regular.

Of course, amateurs, who are regular see some gains.

But professionals who train, gain a lot more.

The big difference between training and doing is that training has a specific plan, specific goals and a focus on gradual improvement.

An amateur who is after good health will exercise, but a professional with a focus on strength and agility and see good health and good physique both.

This training and doing reference is not only for fitness.

It can work in every field, every part of life.

Whether you want to be a filmmaker, software developer, entrepreneur, or writer?

And, you don’t need a trainer to be able to train. You need a will to train, make a plan and execute.

If you wish to train for a particular skill and want to discuss it, feel free to reach out.

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