Tools Won’t Change Your Life

Earlier I wrote about why leaving your job won’t help in starting or growing your passion project.

That does not work because you set a condition on action and creativity.

I’ll do this, when I have this.

I’ll do the passion project, when I have more time.

I’ll make more art, when I have the new iPad.

I’ll write more when I get my favorite journal.

That’s relying on outside factors to do something.

It’s better to become self aware, and learn more about your motivations. Knowing what stops you from taking action and fixing those first.

Also it helps a great deal to learn to work with constraints. And take action till a point where there are no constraints.

It is how you move from being in a dead-end job to running a successful business.

It is how you move from being a novice, to an expert.

Tools can be useful. 

But only when you use a tool.

So if you are or when you are a self-aware person who is capable of changing your behavior, someone who puts their tools to good use then you should get a tool.

Know that a tool won’t change your life. You will, by using that tool to your advantage.

You can buy a tool to take a chance on yourself. And, see if you can become the kind of person who uses a tool to its maximum potential. 

When you do that, put a constraint on yourself that you won’t buy the next one, until you put the one you bought to good use.

Same goes for courses, books, and advice.

Instead of hoarding a ton of these, get one and put it to good use to change your life, before you move to the next one.


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