You Can Either Save the World or Savor It

During my teens, I wanted to become a professional model.

I also wanted to ace studies.

Both needed a different kind of mindset.

And these were not the only distractions pulling my mind in different directions.

I was in analysis paralysis mode and did not do much. Ended up wasting years.

All part of the journey, I guess.

I still haven’t got it all figured out.

But I have learned a lot since.

There are many learnings. 

Two that are top of my mind and really important are: 

That we can grow 10x and get massive results when we learn from those who have done it.


We need to go all-in before we can sit back and enjoy the rewards.

We don’t have to – stop living or stop enjoying restful sleep – while we pursue our dreams.

But we definitely need to be in for a long time (5 years is minimum IMHO) to pursue big goals that may include saving the world 🙂

And all that we do in between should be to keep ourselves going. Whether it is celebrating wins or taking breaks on schedule.

We can’t afford to stop and slack for long because momentum is important.

If you get into entertainment mode while you are working on big goals you may lose momentum. 

And, it may take a long time for you to get the momentum back. 

In the process of getting it back, you may lose the benefit which may just be the benefit of being ahead of others, and the ability to execute efficiently.

There is another challenge. 

When you start to spend a lot of time sitting back and having fun you increase the time it takes to achieve the big goal. And, big goals need a lot of effort. So if you stretch them too much, you may lose the motivation to pursue them. 

Think about how movies were made earlier, with a lot of project overruns and projects going over budget. And, now how everything is done in a short window with strict schedules and a lot of pre-planning. That’s the way to roll.

So, keep going, with good rest every day to ensure that you have the physical and mental vigor to pursue your big goals. But don’t slack because you may lose momentum and increase the runway so long that you won’t be motivated to go ahead.

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