Today is a new day


A new day has come

Today is a new day.

It does not matter if;

  • You were lazy yesterday.
  • You did not do the work that needed to be done.
  • You did not give your best shot.
  • You did not live your life to the fullest.
  • You did not take care of those who matter to you.
  • You could not gather courage to quit the job that you hate.
  • You did not write a new  blog post.
  • You did not feel good about way things were and did nothing to change it.

I do not care if this was the case only yesterday or for a long time in your life. What matters is that today is a new day and you have this opportunity to be the change you want to see in others and do the work you want to do.

Log off the web, ditch your digital devices for an hour and do the work; pick your phone and call an old friend; go out for a movie with your loved ones or go all by yourself if you are staying alone.

You can do whatever you want today. No need to ask for permission or delve into your past to find a way for future.

Tomorrow I want you to come back and be able to tell yourself and to me (if you care) that you had fun; you did the best work you could.

Make today your special day when you were able to break through the shackles of past and move into a new world – the world for which you have been waiting for till today for no apparent reason other than lethargy and resistance.

Everyday is the first day of rest of your life.  Why to carry the baggage of yesterday or past if it makes you feel heavy and is a hindrance in your way ahead.

Utilize every day of your life and it will take care of your entire life.

To a great day today and come back tomorrow to share your experiences.

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