Those Were the Days

It used to take me an entire day to finish one blog post. Now I write one in under 30 minutes. The longer ones, a couple of hours max.

I used to be late for meetings, now I am always on time.

I used to spend days binge watching my favorite shows, now I don’t.

I used to dread talking to clients, now I love it.

I used to eat fast, and often did it with a screen in front of me. Now I sit and savour my food.

I used to rush in the end to close loops, now I enjoy early sprints.

I used to want others to do and be the way I wanted them to be, now I just let them be.

I used to start a lot of projects and finish almost nothing, now I start less and finish almost everything I start.

I used to say words that I had no intention of fulfilling or living by, now I don’t say what I don’t mean or don’t want to honor.

What changed?

I chose to change. I acted to be the change I wanted to see. I also started seeing what I do as a privilege, and each word as a powerful tool, that changes me and others in a subtle way.

You can also choose to change for the better.  I hope you’ll give it a shot.

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