It is ok!

it's ok1. If you did not have a great year — because there is another one coming which you can look forward to and during which you can work on finding success.

2. If you were not born with a silver spoon – because there are millions of self-made people out there and you can get inspired, learn and become one yourself.

3. If you write poetry which no one seem to understand — because there are things that you must do for you own joy and not for others.

4. If you do not like to talk to people at times — because it is your life and it is good at times to act as you like.

5. If you talk really fast — because you are not alone. I have met many such people. I also belong to the lot :).

6. If you are overweight — because you had more food than your body required. You are still better than millions who do not get enough food.

7. If you are less confident than you should be — because it is better than being arrogant.

8. If people do not agree to what you are saying — because may be you are ahead of your times ;).

9. If you stay awake till late in the night — because there is a magical silence which you can only experience really late in the night.

10. If you did not find something you wanted in this list — because you can simply add that idea in comments.

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  1. Puneet Arora

    Hi Mohit,

    Wishing you a wonderful year where
    DREAMS becomes REALITY

    wish u and your family a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011.

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