My ‘Time Under the Sun’ Experiment of Feb 2020

For the 2nd experiment of 2020, I decided to renew my relationship with Sun.

I started spending time under the Sun, the first thing after I woke up.

It was a change for me because, for the past six years, meditation is the first thing I did after waking up.

Why Did I Decide to Soak in the Morning Sun?

Because the Sun is the ultimate source of energy.

And whether we spend time outside or not, we get all our energy from the Sun.


Because we get all our energy from food, and food receives energy from the Sun!

Plants make food using a process called photosynthesis. During this process, plants hold light energy from the Sun in their leaves. Then they used this energy to change water and CO2 into glucose. Plants then use this to make cellulose and starch and other useful substances.

And I thought how powerful it would be to get a part of this energy directly from the source.

Why These Experiments?

All of my growth has come from trying new things in life.

Ideas can be useful and motivate us, but without trying out these ideas we won’t know if they work. Even if ideas are time-tested without applying them in our lives we won’t see any improvements. That’s why these experiments.

Sharing the results forces me to take the experience seriously. And, by sharing my observations, I hope that you’ll able to try these ideas and experiments yourself.

This is the second experiment of 2020.  

For now, I share the results of the experiments after completing them. In the future, I may announce public experiments and invite you to try a new experiment with me.  

I have listing many of my experiments with results on  this dedicated experiments page.

I would also love to hear about your current or past experiments where you have tried implementing a new idea in your life.

The Results

So how did the experiment go?


I started on February 1st and followed it every single day of the month.

That’s a 100% success rate. 

It was the first time that I followed something I attempted as part of an experiment on all days of the month.

On some days, I sat outside with family as the Sun was coming up in the sky, and most days, I just stood in one place, and on some days I walked.

But I made sure that I spent some time under the Sun.

Most days, it was morning Sun, but on days when I woke up late, I did it late in the day. But I did it anyway.

The time I spent varied from 5 minutes to an hour or even more, depending on how much time I had.

What I Learned

That if we spend time on what strengthens us from inside, we can gain back time by finding clarity, peace of mind, focus, and agility.

And, time spent with your gaze set on something that’s far away from us, while standing under the Sun can center us, gazing at the faraway distance and under the Sun centers us. This feeling of calm and being centered stays with us even when our days are full of chaos and intensity. So the effect of these is a lot like that of meditation.


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