5 Secrets for Success in Client Facing Business

1/ People don’t want better, they want something different. So instead of telling them you have better ideas which may sound demeaning to them, tell them you have a different idea.

2/ Clients won’t trust you to solve their problems if they don’t believe you know and understand their problems. So first understand their problems and get them to confirm that you get their problem before presenting the solution.

3/ When replying to client emails where they ask for your opinion, share your recommendations and also share if you can do some of it for them. Easy way to 2-3x the value of client relationships.

4/ Resting and recharging is as important for progress as the hustle. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

5/ When sending client updates. Don’t just write it’s done. Share what you did and why you did it. It will turn you from a vendor who is replaceable to a partner who is respected, valued and wanted by the client.

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