Success Hates Complexity

Worldly success comes through vehicles.

These vehicles carry or store that success like a wallet holds money or mobile phone stores data.

If you are after business success then you need business as a storage system or vehicle for that success.

Now how do you build a successful business?

There are various ways to do it but at the core is ‘making something people want’.

How do you make something people want?

You do it by making it desirable and sticky.

I’d argue that you can make something sticky and desirable by peeling layers of complexity.

Watch this video from when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone at MacWorld 2007 to understand how you can remove complexity from a product and make it a gamechanger.

If you are in a rush then in this launch, Jobs showed the world a remarkably advanced phone where a big differentiator was the design and how easy to use it was.

The launch of iPhone doomed the smartphones of choice at that time like Moto Q, Blackberry, Palm Treo and Nokia E52 to extinction. In most cases, it was also the beginning of the demise of makers of these phones.

The point here is that you can create history shaping success by removing complexity from a business.

It works the same way for the pursuit of success in different parts of our lives.

Get rid of complexity in the area where you are after success. Break it into concepts of tasks that you understand well and that you can do regularly to get closer to what you are calling success.

This is true for losing weight.

Getting a dream job.

Or starting a business.

By suggesting this I am not saying that you should not go after hard problems. Go after hard problems but take the complexity out of those problems first for yourself and then for others.

Look at meditation for example. The world is waking up to the reality of how meditation is good for you. But many of them try and then don’t do it so I came up a plan to make meditation easy for those who find it tough.

My success with this was making something seemingly complex like meditation simple enough so that I could do it often. Because I made it simple for myself I can teach it others.

If you want to start a business and go after a hard problem then do it for sure. Remove the layers of complexity from it so that you understand it well. That way you’ll be able to create a solid solution and win big.

If you are interested in building a business then Principles by Ray Dalio is a fascinating book about how to run a business like a well-oiled machine.

Remove complexity from all parts of business and life and they will become more enjoyable and you’ll start finding success more often.

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