Two Steps to Building a Lifestyle-First Business

Here are these two steps.

1) Know your preferred lifestyle.

2) Then find work to sustain this lifestyle.

Sounds too easy on paper.

But if you are in a job, do not be in a rush to leave it yet.

Because to make a lifestyle-first business, you need to be more self-disciplined than you’ll need to be in a job. Because when in a job, you have external reasons to complete that you started.

But for someone going for building a lifestyle-first business then need to rely on internal motivation and discipline to finish what you start or even to start things.

For this very reason many people think that they can be in a job, save money and then build a life-style business. But they don’t. Because the corporate life sucks them in, and then gets so glued to regular paycheck and perks, they never manage to let go and move on.

So, if you are following the path of career-first to fund your lifestyle-first business, stay alert and leave as soon as you are ready with savings.

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