How to Manage Multiple Projects Without Becoming A Wreck

Try these.

Tie your work to what’s on invoice. Move items that you have to deliver to a spreadsheet, and then break them into weekly or daily deliverables. This way you’ll never lose track of what you have to do and be on top of your deliverables always.

Prewrite the daily action list and schedule it to be sent to yourself. You can do it inside Basecamp or another project management software you use. For daily list – use the daily deliverable breakdown from the previous point.

Use a whiteboard or month-to-view calendar. With this you pull out everything that is inside your Google docs or apps. Having everything to look at a glance is empowering. You got to try it to see how well it works.

Have one device for each client. This may not work for everyone but works wonders for productivity. That way you know when you are one device you can’t dip into work for other project or client.

Time Blocking: Spread your projects across the day but jump from project to project. But block a set time for each project. 90 minutes for the first one in the morning. 2 hours for the next one during the day. And, 90 minutes for the third one – after evening snack.

Are you using some of these already?

What is it, that’s not listed here and that you do to manage multiple projects without losing your sanity?

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