Once You Find Your Stride, Stay the Course

What you see above is the homepage of a company called /dev/payments circa 2010.

That company is valued at $36 billion now.

And, it is no longer called /dev/payments.

The company is Stripe.

One of the leading global payment processing companies in the world.

You can see their website is scrappy as hell.

And, now a large part of the startup world looks up to them for design inspiration and innovation.

Stripe is unique that it has a super smart brother duo as founders and they have had smart people like Paul Graham guiding them.

But that’s not the point.

Point is that there are many smart people with access to quality guidance

The point is that you don’t have to remain where you start, and 10 years is not too long a time. 

And, in 10 years you can see big success, if you stay the course, don’t chase shiny objects and solve big problems.

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