When You Hire People, You Pay the Price for Your Future Freedom

Today I was talking to a founder I work with after I had sent her a note to hire a new team member.

She was skeptical about hiring because of current situations and market outlook.

I am sharing what I told her, hoping that you may find it useful and use it in your business.

So, when hiring keep these in mind.

#1 We Hire for Future

If you start hiring today, it’ll take at least a quarter to hire the right person. So, if you start hiring on July 15, you hire by Oct 15. You make an offer and it takes anywhere between one week to a month for the person to join. Then it takes another 3 months to get the person going so only after 6-7 months after you start the hiring process, you get a fully operational and efficient employee.

#2 The Upside Is More Than We Assume, and the Downside Is Less Than We Fear

If you do it from a place of fear then you might wonder whether you’ll have revenues in 100 days when the time comes to pay a new employee. Maybe you won’t grow and you won’t have the money. If that happens then don’t invite anyone to join and use the experience of hiring as learning that you;ll gain when you have a boatload of money saved 🙂

And, chances are everything will be good. Your business will grow and you’ll happily onboard the new employee. When you hire a new employee you hire the potential of someone doing what you do, better than you.

#3 Hiring Takes Time but We Can Get Better at It in an Instant With This Technique

Hiring takes time because there is no proven process to find a perfect employee. But there is a solution. Select three people, and get them to work on a paid project for three weeks. See who works well with you. Pick the one that you see as best fit and make them an offer.

Don’t be a perfectionist. Hire others to help you. Otherwise, you’ll always be working and won’t grow as fast as you could with a team.

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