Simple ways to stay sane

Simple way to stay saneThe world today, driven by competition, race to go one up, gives us all ample opportunities to get tensed.

The reason behind such situation may be you or somebody else. How it can be you? You get stressed when you set unrealistic expectations of yourself. If you tell yourself that you will finish your first book – writing not reading – in a week’s time; now that is what I call unrealistic. One week is fine for a 40-50 page eBook but a little too less for a 200-300 page book.

It is tough when you expect yourself to be a millionaire in a year’s time if you are starting at zero. It will sure make you tensed. Not that it may not happen but chances are same — 1 in a million. Anybody with some commonsense will tell you that it is asking for too much. It may happen but one cannot plan for it.

So, first step is to set realistic expectations.

Now that is about the big picture. Let us go simpler than this.

If you ask me what to do now to relax if something got on to your nerves; here is what I’ll say.

Breathe: Take a deep breath, and then take two and some more, take as many deep breaths as makes your calm. Normally you should be ok after 10. Did I tell you that you should not be looking at email or facebook while you do this?

Talk: If this happens when you are at work your best bet is to talk to somebody who is close to you preferably somebody not from your workspace. Talk to a friend or someone in family.

Switch off: It may be because of incessant stream of interruptions — usual culprits will be email, mobile phones, social networks, twitter etc. Switching off for a while or for couple of hours will help.

There is nothing like switching off for a week altogether or for a week — nothing like a fortnight, if that is a possibility. For God sake leave back your blackberry or whatever phone you use for staying connected. For any emergency use your old phone where listening to and making calls is the only functionality.

Walk: Go for a small walk round the corner really trying to notice things on road.

Scream: Scream at the top of your voice if that can be done.

Play: indulging in a game or some vigorous exercise helps you step away from a situation and works wonder.

Take a shower: Cold water helps your cool down.

Just lie down: Get into some loose clothes and lie down on the floor or a bed. If you are tired then take a nap.

Eat: If you have been hungry for long it does not do any good for your mood. So eat chocolate or munch on some almonds depending of you healthy eating quotient.

Indulge: Listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite movie or go shopping.

Do the new: Get into new clothes, yes it works.

That was for now. Later when you are more relaxed just think about if something is making you tensed off late. If it is unfulfilling work, stop doing that as soon as possible; problem in relationships then sort it out.

It may also be about your nature to procrastinate often; if it is so then try and change it one day at a time.

Read serenity prayer and try to live by it if it appeals to you;

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Prayers strengthen your soul and keep you calm.

And twitter is no evil — at times it helps you get in the flow and take a well deserved break. So do that if it works for you.

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