How to provide genuine value?

genuine valueMany of us want to give as it brings natural joy to our lives but a lot less actually are able to give. Is there a way to bridge the gap between intention and action? Yes there is. Let’s explore how to do it.

Take time to know yourself: This act alone will make your life easier and better at many fronts. You will be at ease with yourself and in such situation people around you will be happy being with you. When you know your talent and truth then you can help people better and provide genuine value.

Simple, if you do not have money how can you give it to somebody else. Also to share knowledge you first need to have some activated grey cells. Take time to know what is special about you and create your value offering around that.

If you are full of love then you will be able to give it other people. If you are full of hatred or negative energy then first realize this. Get a dose of love yourself from somebody who is flowing with it – a child or your guru. Then go out and change the world the way you want.

Do not make false promises: Deliver what you say you will. If you tell your friend that you will help him prepare the paper that you are good at then do it. Do not just walk back on your offer thinking that with your help his paper will become better than yours. You are right in thinking practically but there is no harm in finishing your paper first and then help your friend.

If you are making false promises on a regular basis then you are closing doors. What is the use of knowledge if you can’t share and spread it? Give joy and you get it back, same is true of love. Try it and your life will be never be the same, of course in a positive way.

Be a man of word if you want to be happy personally or grow professionally. Take your wife out on weekend on 15th if you said so on 1st. Email the presentation to your boss even if the meeting is postponed.

Only say that you will do it when you are 100% sure that you will be able to deliver. If you are too tired on weekend then share it with your friends who offered you to come and watch weekend movie. You can tell them this weekend you want to relax and be with family. You have no right to rob them of the joy they could have experienced if you were with them.

Be willing to help genuinely: If you have less time and want to help a lot of people them become a preacher or write a book. If what you have to offer is good then your words and ideas will and should reach out to a lot of people. Take time to gather your thoughts in an email, blog, PDF or create a video and send across to people who you think will appreciate getting it and will benefit from it.

Schedule time to give: In your day, week or month put set number of hours to help people and enrich their lives. Do not be overly sacrificing. Just keep a commonsensical number.

Secure your basic needs first: If you really want to give genuine value then you need to first secure you base. Do for your family first and think about the world later. It is not being self-centered but being responsible to people who rely on you for certain things.

Later when you have fulfilled your one major dream then go out on a mission to help.  Bill Gates did this. For close to 3 decades Microsoft was the main cause of his life. Having done his bit there he is now devoted to the cause of public service through “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”.

This is not to suggest that you need to wait 30 years to show your philanthropic side to the world or you need to have the level of wealth Bill Gates has. But having secured your own and your family’s daily bread, you can focus better on causes that enrich soul.

Invest time in understanding human behavior and reach out: Before you can provide any value to a person you need to understand the real need. There are people out there who need help but do not ask. You need to reach out and share what can add value to their lives.

I am sure you will be able to find some workable ideas here and experience the REAL joy that comes from giving.

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