How A Side Project Is Liberating And Why Everyone Should Have One

Hello fellow entrepreneur!

Your startup is not your life even when it feels like.

If it was you wouldn’t have made up to the point when you started your startup.

That is why it is wrong to tie your self worth to your startup. 

I know it is easier said than done. But it is worth trying.

There are two ways to go about it.

Keep reminding yourself that there is more to life than your startup.

This is a hit and miss approach. In theory, it may work. Often it doesn’t because startups are all-encompassing. They are capable of employing an entrepreneur 24×7 in case there are no boundaries.

The 2nd approach is to have something different than a startup that is meaningful and brings you satisfaction. That something is a side project.

Your side project can be anything that takes you away from working on your startup.

Write a  book, blog, or start a vlog. Start a project for social good. Do anything else you fancy – like make art, films, or create something you love.

You can also do a learning project and devote a month or two or a year to learn something new.

Whatever it is make sure this side project should depend on you and no one else.


Because in a startup you are dependent on a lot of things to get the outcome you want. Things can go wrong even when even you do your part right. 

Lean back on your side project for meaning and stability when things are shaky in the startup, which they’ll be a lot of time, especially in early startup days.

Agreed that you will have to work on the project to make it work but you control the action and outcome so there is no one else to blame.

For example, if your side project is a book you write, edit and publish it without seeking approval but for your own satisfaction. Same thing with a vlog, podcast, art, creation in any form.

Do you already have a side project or you want to start one now?

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