Be One Before You Can Be The Best One

Entrepreneurs are ambitious people.

That’s why they aspire to be the best or among the best in their field.

This thinking is flawed because saying that you want to be the best, does not make you the best.

It is good as a dream or as a goal but when it comes to execution you need to unbundle it.

To become the top entrepreneur, you need to be a (successful) entrepreneur first.

That means working on basics like sales, marketing, people, learning, culture, business development, and finance.

Once you get the basics right and have the foundation in place you can use it as a lever to become the top one.

This is not a slow process (you can choose to go as fast as you want) but it is definitely an efficient process.

The good news is that it works for almost any field. Yes, it works for your area of work too.

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