Getting Comfortable With Shuffling

A writer writes.

A writer also shuffles, moves the words around.

On the days when you are shuffling, you may not move your word count up a lot. But you will still elevate the quality of your writing.

It is similar to how when you work out regularly your weight may not change a lot but you’ll still look leaner and your strength will increase.

They key is to know when to shuffle and when to write.

A writer writes in the beginning. Once she finishes writing the first draft, there is a lot more shuffling to elevate the writing and get it ready for the launch.

It is even more important when writing a book. The key to writing a good book is to do active shuffling. To do that it is important to understand that shuffling is more than moving words.

It is using research to restructure a problematic section. It is also convert writing that came through a sudden burst of inspiration, into something that appears seamless and inflow.

If you want to be a writer or creator, then you need to fall in love with shuffling as much as you love writing.

Think of shuffling as a bridge that you need to cross before you find what is on the other side. You will surely make some effort in crossing the bridge but clarity and happiness are waiting for you on the other side.

Like in most things of value in life you’ll experience some pain before you find the pleasure of creating something that you are proud of.

Or, you can avoid this pain and wonder later – what if I had not taken it easy.

The choice is yours. It always is.

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