Corporations Don’t Care About You

Last year I visited Macau and stayed at The Venetian.

The casino at Venetian, spread across 50,000 square meters, is the largest in the world. Venetian itself is about a million square meters so the casino is about 1/10th of the built-up space but it is designed in such a way that while getting in or out of your suites, it is hard to miss it.

One time, a friend and I were coming back after partying late at night. I noticed that the lights in the casino looked different than the rest of the property and told him the same. He told me that Casinos don’t have windows or clocks. They are designed so you can lose the sense of time and keep playing.

That’s how the founder of The Venetian Sheldon Adelson is among the richest people in the world. He does not care about our financial health.

The same way the giant fast food chains don’t care about our health.

Or social networks don’t care whether we lose our sanity by comparing ourselves to others and waste endless hours there in the name of connecting.

Corporations don’t care about us. They will take our money and attention without thinking twice. For them, profit is the goal because without profits they will die. It is up to us to take care of our health, finances and anything else that is important to us.

That’s why we need to use our intelligence, decide what is important and steer clear of everything that comes in the way.

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