Showing Up Is the Best Strategy

It takes courage to show up on bad days.

It takes drive and purpose to show up on good days.

You need drive and purpose to show up on good days because your life is running smoothly, even if you didn’t show up.

And on bad days, you need courage, because so many things and situations demand your attention, and showing up are not easy.

Once you decide you’ll show up no matter what it becomes simple.

But even after you’ve done it for years it does not become easy because you still need to do it one day at a time.

Take up this challenge and show up as your true self in all roles you play in life – that of a son, a spouse, an entrepreneur, a friend, a sibling, or as a parent.

When you show up consistently, good things happen, and you start experiencing flow in life. That is a great state to be in.

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