Routines Are Powerful

Routines are hard.

And they are powerful.

Stepening king made his careers on the back of a morning writing routine over several decades.

Ultra athletes rely on their fitness routine to excel at their chosen spot at the very top.

But it is not so easy in the beginning.

Because in the beginning when you are trying something new – it is not a routine yet and till then you need to be fine with that disruption.

And be fine with whatever challenges you face enroute. The biggest of which will be dealing with your inner critic after the initial setback. 

Like when you feel that you can’t workout everyday owning a particular reason. And then you tell yourself that you are not cut out for fitness or workouts.

The only thing that you can do in such circumstances is to make a fresh start, to give it another try with renewed commitment, and with a, vow to not make mistakes that you made in the past.

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