A Less Used, Powerful Productivity Hack

This hack is setting up alarms for important things in your life.

This hack is so simple and powerful that once you start using it you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it earlier.

Why is setting alarms so powerful?

Because it gives an audible clue about something that needs to be done.

For an even more significant effect, combine them with online reminders.

Such reminders, combined with an alarm, act as a fail-safe for important areas of your life.

They also clear your head and make cognitive space available for more impactful tasks.

So what does one set the alarm for?

Set them for anything important to you.

If a habit is important, set alarms for it.

I say alarms because for them to be effective, there should be multiple alarms. 

For example, you can have morning and afternoon alarms for meditation.

You can set alarms for reading, writing in your journal, learning something new, and other important things.

If it is for something that happens once in a year, you can set the alarm once a month, one week, and one day in advance.

If it is for something that happens once a month, set the alarm a week and a day in advance.

If it is for something that happens once a week, set an alarm at the beginning of the week, a day in advance, and a few hours in advance.

For something that happens once a week, set the alarm 1 hour and 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

I’ll leave you with five things worth setting reminders for.

These things are:

  1. For bedtime
  2. For deadlines for crucial tasks.
  3. For wishing people on their important occasions.
  4. For paying the bills (if not already automated)
  5. When it is time to close the workday

What else would you like to set reminders for?

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