Reduce Churn and Keep Customers Longer

Whether you sell SaaS or serve clients as an agency or consultant with monthly retainers, you can reduce churn.

To do it you need to know what causes churn for you in the first place? Why do customers leave?

There are many reasons for this, a big one among these is a mismatch of expectations.

So, as a startup (founder) one of your top goals should be managing expectations.

To manage expectations well, you don’t need to be the biggest or best.

You just need to do good work and be truthful and realistic about what you offer, what customers will get and when.

And, through early days over-communicate, so that you’ll come to realize what customers don’t tell.

If you are building a course and it is not ready yet, and you want early signups, then at the time of sign up, say that the course isn’t done yet. And, you’ll be launching a new module every week.

This may reduce the number of people who signup but those who do will stick because they are the ones who took a chance on you and will be with you for a while.

You can apply this same approach to SaaS, and reduce churn.

Hope you’ll try this.

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