How To Build a Quarter Time, Stress-Free Lifestyle Business

Can you build a business that generates enough revenue for living a comfortable life and takes only one-fourth of your total available work hours?

Why care about building such a business?

Because it leaves you with enough time to do what matters to you, while not tying your identity to your work.

There are several ways to build a business like that.

One is to go freelance, after raising your profile to a level where you can charge top dollars.

Or you can start somewhere in the middle, and move up from there.

Another option is to run a high-ticket group coaching business, the kind I wrote about here.

My favorite is a low-time commitment advisory business. I briefly wrote about it in my making a million dollars post here.

In this kind of business, you promise an outcome to a small set of clients, based on your expertise, and guide them so that they can implement your advice to grow their business.

This is highly lucrative and you can build and grow this in as low as 100-200 hours in a year.

Know that you are not selling your time, but your expertise for a specific outcome.

Annual retainers in this kind of business can start in the $5-10,000 range and go upwards of $100,000 depending on your expertise and the results you have generated in the past. How far you can go with this, depends on your experience and how well you market your capabilities.

Give it a shot if you want to build a lifestyle business that allows you to pursue your other passions.

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