Ideas to Help You Be More Productive in 2023

Here are some ideas if you are looking to get more out of life.

  • Take digital breaks
  • Ask yourself if you are taking big enough shots
  • Shorten your daily to-do lits
  • Identity one big goal and work on it every day
  • Rest well. Know that the time of sleep is as important as duration.
  • Take long walks
  • Have times when you do nothing and get bored
  • Spend time in nature every day
  • Follow your curiosities
  • Be deliberate about learning
  • Create a ‘don’t do’ list
  • Spend the first hour or couple of hours of your day working on your most important goal.
  • Set clear intentions at the beginning of the day and follow through
  • Remove all kinds of clutter from your life
  • Don’t overwork
  • Every year give yourself a physical and mental goal.
  • Give yourself a challenging mental and physical goal that helps you grow and keeps you in top shape.
  • Review your days, weeks, months, quarters, and year
  • Ask for help
  • Avoid going after shiny things. 
  • Do an 80-20 audit often for people, projects, actions, and habits, to identify 20% that impacts 80%.

This is not a definitive list. Consider adding ideas that will serve you and your goals. Also, delete what does not help you.

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