Price Value Ladder for Coaches and Consultants to Maximize Revenue

Usual marketing advice for coaches is to create a value ladder by offering solutions from low to high priced, starting with a free offer at the beginning.

This free offer can be a checklist, an ebook, and a short set of videos.

To those who choose the free offer and signup, offer a tripwire i.e. a low-priced product that offers good value like a live class or a more detailed video course than the one you offered for free.

Upsell those who pay for tripwire to an even higher-priced offer with even bigger value.

And then sell your signature program, your highest priced and highest value offering.

Tony Robbins has this value ladder in play with a free newsletter and business mastery course, then there is a tripwire priced under $15. 

For those who buy into tripwire, Tony offers a 30-day online course for $299. Then he offers a one-day live event for $1000 and finally the signature conference “Date with Destiny” which is a 6 day intensive for $5-12k.

This serves him well because through this Tony Robbins has built a $500 million coaching business.

You can use this approach to grow revenues if you are someone who has a proven offer that converts well means an offer that people buy regularly and you want to get more people to experience and buy what you offer.

If you are pre-cash flow, meaning you don’t have a proven offer and don’t have much cash flow then there is another approach that I’ll share in tomorrow’s post.

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