Unleash the Hidden Power of Testimonials

Coaches, copywriters and fellow creators.

You spend days, weeks and months doing awesome work.

On delivery day, you share it with your client, who kindly says – awesome work… well done… love what you did/made.

And, you being so busy move on.

Leaving that appreciation, which is nothing but a testimonial that you didn’t ask for, to die inside your inbox.

You should organize these testimonials, even actively gather them.

For those you ask for testimonials, always send them a draft testimonial, ideally right after you finish working together.

Tell them that you know they are busy so you drafted a testimonial for them to update or say yes if it looked alright. If your relationship is rather formal then send them a bulleted list of your accomplishments, as suggestions, that they can include in their testimonial.

You can even create a system for it, by asking for it when you wrap-up a project. And if you get face to face with your clients, get some of these as video.

Once you have a testimonial it is up to you to choose how to use it, on your website, on your social media profiles, and even in your proposals. It is your job to give the testimonials legs by using them in as many places as you can, especially where your potential customers can see them.

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