The Power of the Bullet Points

The professional world hails the power of storytelling. 

It is powerful where the focus is on you, like when delivering a presentation or speech.

But when in a dialogue like most professional conversations, a team Zoom, or an interview situation, there is power in being brief in saying what you want to say.

This takes practice.

Because more than what you say, it is about how you think.

So if you are in a meeting and the person on the other side speaks for 20 minutes, and if you can capture 3 points that you thought were the highlight, share how to build on that. You’ll rephrase everything that was said in an easy-to-understand manner and make life easy for everyone.

Or when introducing a new point speaking in three bullet points and then explaining each point again with three points each.

This can be a powerful skill in the professional world.

Something worth learning and applying wherever you can.

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