Front Load Pain, for Happiness and Growth

Earlier I wrote about how I reply to most emails right away.

I do it is because how you do anything is how you do everything.

We often don’t do somethings that we need to do right now because it causes pain. 

We chose to watch YouTube videos first to start the day, to get in the groove, before kick-starting the actual work. Before we know 3 hours have passed.

That is why we put off working out because who wants the pain of moving the body when we are sitting easy and feel alright.

The idea of front-loading pain can be a good guiding point for our days, weeks, months, years, and life.

Think of your day. If you are a client-focused business, then clients want your help to solve their problems. So if you work that first without dreading it for the rest of the day, then you get it off your head, create space to do something else, and make the clients happy.

Even earlier than that, in the morning, you can front-load work out and be more alert and productive throughout the day. From a long-term perspective, you can include regular movement in your routine early in your life, instead of pushing yourself to move later, when you can’t and the situation forces you to.

You can also apply it to build your career. Instead of cooling your heels in your comfortable job, you can accept some pain, by devoting early mornings, late nights for growth, and sow the seeds of growth and satisfaction later.

This also goes for your personal goals and what you want to accomplish in a month> instead of keeping it for last week of the month, keep it for the first week of the month. This way you’ll get a sense of accomplishment. You can then use that momentum to do more and better.

Same way, keep the execution of your big goals at the beginning of a new year or even better start in Nov/Dec of the previous year to get going with it.

You can implement this approach in any part of your life, and see positive results. It will also increase your speed of growth. And, speed matters if you are chasing big goals.

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