If Backlinks Were a Person

Backlinks rock the SEO world.

It is what Google’s search ranking algorithm is built on. There are 200 or so other factors but backlinks are among the top ones.

They are so important but not easy to understand for those who don’t work on SEO or in digital marketing day in and day out.

I have tried to humanize backlinks using three scenarios.

  • Backlinks are useful and valued when a site links to your site in a natural way (It’s similar to when someone recommends you with their all their heart as if you were part of their own family.)
  • Middle of the posts links are better than footer bio links. (It is like how a person is an important person in the family if a person is sitting middle of the room or on the head seat. More important than someone sitting in the corner with folded legs.)
  • Root/main domain links are more useful that forum, subdomain, subfolder links. [Main domain is a full commitment, subdomain, a subfolder is yes/no]

Hope they help you understand backlinks and how they are valued.

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