Your Non-negotiables Pave the Way to Your Dreams

Your non-negotiables, what you do no matter what, define who you’ll become.

Here is a list of non-negotiables that you can make part of your life – depending on where you want to reach.

  • No work past 3pm/5pm/8m/10pm.
  • Morning/evening walk.
  • No white sugar.
  • Setting up next day’s to-dos before closing a day’s work.
  • Journaling.
  • Sleeping 7+/8+ hours
  • 5/10/20/30 minutes of self-care (massage, music, etc)
  • No consuming (content), before creating
  • No mobile phones after 9/10/11pm
  • Talking with loved ones.

Here are my daily non-negotiables. 

  • Spending some time under sun
  • Workout
  • Publishing a blog post (for past 900+ days)
  • Eating without devices
  • Meditation

Find yours and get closer to the life you want to live.

What will you add to the list I have shared above?

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