11 Steps to Build a Strong Brand on Any Social Platform

  1. Show up every day.
  2. Share what you know.
  3. Ask for your questions.
  4. Show the real you, don’t hide behind the platform. Bring your stories into the conversations.
  5. Use video, and get those who follow you to interact with each other.
  6. Use the live feature on videos and do it twice every week.
  7. Use the new features offered by a platform, for example, Instagram is pushing Reels now, so if you create Reels, you’ll increase your reach.
  8. Share your wins, setbacks, and what others have achieved using what you shared.
  9. Give maximum return on time, for anyone engaging with your content.
  10. Learn every day from those who are ahead of you and implement one thing that they do.
  11. Repeat.

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