You Can Build A Successful Business Without Being A Genius

There are two kinds of entrepreneurs.

Creator entrepreneurs and manager entrepreneurs.

Creator entrepreneurs are the ones who set out to create something, software, a piece of art, videos or something else, and they often don’t worry about building a business in the early days.

In the course of making stuff, they build a business.

Mark Zuckerberg was passionate about coding, and in the process created Facebook. Justin Kan started to document his life on video 24×7 and it later turned it into Twitch that Amazon bought for close to a billion dollars.

Not all creator entrepreneurs end up building a billion-dollar business but those who do either become a manager at some point or get someone to do that for them like Mark Zuckerberg got Sheryl Sandberg.

The world today is fascinated by entrepreneurs like Zuck. This forces people to think about the need to hustle to create something that will eventually turn into a big brand. The more important question that one needs to ask is – if they really care about making something? In case the answer is no, then they’ll do better as a manager entrepreneur.

And once you get this clarity you’ll do well by getting good at delegating, so you can work without burning the midnight oil and still find the success you are after.

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