Last Minute Finish Is Still A Finish!

The sticklers for time don’t appreciate last-minute completion of tasks.

They think those who do things last minute are not organized and are the ones who don’t complete what they have to because they procrastinate.

But to you, the person who is working to complete the task, it should not matter and worry too much.


Because whether you complete at last minute or early if there were no points for finishing early like in a race, your work is equal to someone who finished early.

Even in the case of a race, even when you don’t finish first, finishing itself is an experience.

And, so many opportunities would have been lost on people, if they chose to quit or not participate because they were late.

Ritesh Agarwal, the billionaire founder of Oyo, famously applied to Thiel Fellowship at the last minute and go in. He used the $100,000 fellowship as seed fund for kickstarting his ventures that became Oyo eventually.

What if he hadn’t submitted his application, thinking he was late?

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