The ‘New’ For the ‘New’ Year

The new year is knocking on our doors.

And, it’s a good time to think about what we’ll be doing in the new year.

Here are some ideas.

NEW BOOKS TO READ. Reading is one of the best ways to learn and is up there with learning with a mentor and learning by doing. So, identify who you want to be and pick the books that will help you with it.

NEW EXPERIENCES. Doing the same things every day makes the time go faster. So if you want them to move slowly and have things worth remembering then seek new experiences worth living.

NEW PLACES. At times moving to or visiting new places acts as a catalyst of change. If you have felt or are feeling stuck then consider going to a new place and embracing the vibe of that place.

NEW KIND OF WORK. When you get good at something it becomes easy. What is easy is not as fulfilling as doing something hard. New work, the kind you have done before is difficult. So I seek stuff that is not easy to do. At least some new things. You may not stick to everything you try but if you keep trying you’ll find something that you enjoy.

A NEW VISION FOR YOUR FUTURE. It is all in the mind. So imagine what you want your life to be, and write it down. When you have it down, you can come to it, to do what you need to do to make this new vision a reality.

NEW ROUTINE. Look at your routine and look for the parts that don’t serve you. Cut those parts and add things that will serve you. Use the next two to three weeks to do this review and try out parts of the new routine and see how it serves you.

NEW ENERGY. Start moving more. Stop doing what you don’t like doing. Stop engaging with people who don’t empower you. And sleep early and long enough.

NEW YOU. Our body changes every day. We just don’t notice, because it changes ever so slightly. Knowing this is power because you can create a new YOU in a few years, by giving your body nourishing foods and nourishing thoughts, and living in an uplifting environment.

What will you add to it?

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