Business Stacking: How to Use One Core Audience to Launch Multiple Micro-Businesses

I am fascinated by the idea of building micro-businesses.

All stacked together.

Built without a team or with a minimal team.

All for the same core audience.

Launched over time.

The beauty of this approach is that you don’t have to think of business ideas.

You just focus on building an audience.

While you build your audience, you continue talking to this audience about what their pains are.

And solve for those pains and challenges through your content.

Once you build a decent-sized audience, say 5000 followers on Twitter or 10,000 on LinkedIn, you will start getting a lot of DMs, where people, your followers, ask your questions.

Answer those questions via DMs. Also, post your answers in a polished form on your feed. Because if one person is having that problem, many others have the same problem. They just haven’t asked you.

By posting a solution for a problem that many of your followers have, you give them a signal that you know their specific challenges and when looking for a solution to that problem your name will be on top of their minds.

When you see the same questions in your DMs once a day or more, you know you have a critical mass and you are ready to launch your first product.

Wait for the launch, until you have replied to 50-100 DMs. It may take you 6-9 months to reach this stage if you are starting from scratch. At this point, announce that you are launching an ebook or a short video masterclass that solves that specific problem.

Now, go back to all those you’ve helped via DMs in the past. Tell them that you’ve gone deep into solving their exact problem, made it into a product and they should consider buying. Offer to answer any follow-up questions once they buy.

Rinse and repeat, as you continue building and growing your audience. Every time you double the size of your audience, launch a product that offers a solution to the same problems, but either offer more depth or gives more access.

So instead of one video, make four and offer them as a bundle.

Instead of a short book of 50 pages, do one with 100 pages. Of course, no fluff, just double or triple value.

Give access, via a live cohort-based course or live interactions bundled with a recorded course.

With access or more depth, you are able to charge higher prices in exchange for more value delivered.

At this stage, partner with other creators with similar audiences who are not competitors and co-launch offers.

By doing this over 2-3 years you’ll be able to build a stream of income-producing products that will make you a decent living. If you create your own luck by putting in work, showing up every day, connecting with other creators in your space, and helping people in the process, you will build a bundle of offers where each product will be like an uber-profitable micro-business in itself.

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