[Delegation Basics] Never Answer the Same Question Again

Your customers have questions.

People who reach out to you have questions.

Your employees have questions.

It is good to be able to answer the questions for those who seek you out for help.

But it can be a time suck.

It is hard to get anything done while you are answering questions all day.

Customer and employee questions are even more important. 

You can’t ignore them and if you spend all the time answering their questions then there will be no time for you to work on growing your business.

There is a way out.

When someone asks you a question, write your answer or make a video about it.

Don’t just reply, share your why. So when someone looks at it they will know why you gave that reply.

Record your reply to an employee’s questions – whether it’s about something internal or about a question that an employee needs to reply for a customer.

If you are talking over the phone you can record what you say using an app like Otter.

Before you send the Otter to your employee or team member. Ask them to write what they understand. Then send the Otter transcription for their understanding and also tweak the version they wrote explaining what they missed.

Once done, add the Q and A to the company manual for employees. Next time no one has to ask the same question because the reply is already there.

Depending on how big your operation is, you’ll be done with all the questions in 2-6 months. Then there will be no more questions.

I get a lot of questions from people who know me, my readers, and those who find me via social networks. In most cases, I write detailed replies to their answers and put them online.

That’s how I write a large number of blog posts on this site like:

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Now, you know what you need to do when someone asks you a question.

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