Do the Work That Will Work for You for a Long Time

Work that does not pay for what you do now.

Work that pays later every day or every week for years. Even if there is no immediate payout.

Why this kind of work is important.

Because if you are only focused on what pays now, you will keep on working for a long long time, often on uninspiring projects.

Even if you are in a job, and not in a position to devote a lot of time, then also invest 10% of your time for things like that.

What is that kind of work that will work for you for a long time.

  • Words you write 
  • Videos you make
  • Land, homes, offices you buy
  • A course you create
  • A book you write
  • Work of art you create
  • A product you sell
  • Something you make a license

Or, a cash flow (lifestyle) business that does not need much of your time, is not fancy and spits out good cash every day.

It is not unheard of to build a cash flow where you invest 8 hours a week and make close to half a million dollars in a year. Clickminded is one such business and there are many others.

This kind of work, the grind alone may not be enough.

So, add smarts to it.

Because if you work hard without creating a clear path to an outcome, you may not get great results and be miserable.

So, do the work but work to a plan.

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