How To Move Forward on Meaningful Things

Earlier I wrote about how one can win by making what they do easy.

Now, I wanted to share how to use that approach to do meaningful work.

Start by making a list of what matters to you.

Next, pick up one of those items.

Now, stop everything else for a moment. Put away the phone. Close the tabs on your laptop. Drop anything that can come in the way of you and the meaningful task you chose.

Then, think what is the minimum you can do to move ahead with that project. If it is writing a book, can it be writing a sentence or two, on what will be the book about?

Do it, and revel in the joy of starting. Don’t worry about what you’ll do about the rest. Just set the time, day, and place to come back to it next and do a bit like you did to start.  

Bit by bit you’ll move forward on what matters to you.

And, once you are done with it, pick the next and repeat the same process.

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